Climbing Mt Kanchenjunga

The Wonders of Nepal and India: Mt Kanchenjunga

With the rank as the third highest mountain in the world, the Mt Kanchenjunga location set in the Himalayas range. The area span from the west of Tamur River going into the east of Teesta River which part of the eastern Nepal and Sikkim in India. The peak of this mountain become the second highest rank compared to the Mount Everest. Although it is not mean for comparison; this incredible […]

Butterfly Valley In Turkey

A Hidden Heaven on Earth: Butterfly Valley in Turkey

The butterfly valley in Turkey is a breathtaking heaven on earth that located in the southwestern that is in Fethiye that is part of Mugla Province. The secret location makes the place become one of the unexpected places that ever exist in this country. The lush land facing the Mediterranean Sea makes everything seems perfect to escape for every boredom in life. The surrounding environment contains of mountainous and hills […]

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Tours

The Spectacular Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument has been the U.S.A protected site by the Bureau of Land Management that reside in the Utah. The total size of the location span for 1,880,461 acres and there are three regions that belong to this site. The three site are Grand Staircase, Kaiparowits Plateau and the Canyon of the Escalante. In 1996, the official publication that set the location as National Monument get official […]

Wave Rock Western Australia Australia

The Mind-Bending Wave Rock in Australia

The Wave Rock in Australia is a rock formation that happened naturally, and it has two distinctive colors. The dimensional measurement of the wave is 14 meters high and 110 meters in length. The rock forms location is in the North angel of the solitary hill that most of the people called it as the Hyden Rock where the Granite Inselberg is the core element. Both of the Hyden and […]

Fairy Chimneys Turkey Facts

Fairy Chimneys in Turkey: A Slice of Beautiful Hemisphere

All of our fantasy in our mind of a unique landscape could come real if we have seen the Cappadocia or people would say the Fairy Chimneys in Turkey. The Cappadocia is one of the world’s most unbelievable architecture that become the evident of a past civilization. The initial momentum why this site happened is part of the volcanic eruptions. The first process was the lava went out and created […]

Beautiful Scott Creek Beach

The Peacefulness of Scott Creek Beach in California

The Scott Creek Beach is an extraordinary place where we could have a time without too many people, free parking, and a peacefulness that we hardly find in another beach. The size of the beach span over half-mile in length and if we reach it from Davenport then we will need a three miles drive. The beach is also accessible from the Santa Cruz where it distances for 15 miles. […]

Devils Pool Victoria Falls Photos

Astonishing Devils Pool Victoria Falls in Zambia

Over the past many years, the Devils pool Victoria fall has been the place for the thrill seeker who seek a fresh environment than the boredom city lifestyle. The spot located in the Zimbabwe River where the height of the waterfall reaches 355 feet. Since 1989, the place has become the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The person who found the whole area was the David Livingstone where he is a […]